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The owner of the website and seller in web-shop is Estonian limited liability company KYLLIKE OÜ (reg no. 12225081 , VAT EE101597263 ).

Location: Pärnu mnt 154, 11317 Estonia

Contacts: e-mail kyllike@kyllike.com. (+372)5051950


The seller in e-shop is Estonian limited liability company KYLLIKE OÜ , VAT EE101597263 )

Location Pärnu mnt 154, Estonia.

Contacts: e-mail kyllike@kyllike.com


If you shop in our web-shop, you agree to these terms.

Web-shop is not intended for buyers with reselling purposes. For wholesale inquiries please contact us at kyllike@kyllike.com , mobile: (+372)5051950

We reserve the right to change prices and herby terms at any time without prior notice. We will not change unilaterally prices nor terms for already placed orders or made contracts.


Descriptions of the products and prices are shown next to each product. All prices are given in euros and include Estonian VAT.

Select the desired products and add them to the cart also selecting the quantity of products. The contents of the shopping cart can be reviewed at any time by clicking on the cart icon at the header of page.

When all selected products are in your cart, move on to the next page and choose the form of delivery and accurately fill in all the fields. Fields marked with a star * are mandatory to fulfill.

Payment can be made through:

  • Stripe

Before proceeding to payment, make sure that selected products, amounts and prices are correct.


Products purchased from web-shop will be shipped within Estonia.

We offer the following delivery options: Omniva (omniva.ee), DHL (DHL.com)

Consumers right of withdrawal

According to the law, the consumer has the right to withdraw the contract within 14 days from receipt in case products are unused and packages are not broken/damaged.

The right of withdrawal is only for consumers, that means for natural person who concludes a transaction not related to independent economic or professional activities. All other persons are not considered as consumers.

The precondition for the right of withdrawal is that products have not been handled in a way that differs from the way products would be handled in case of a physical store.

In the situation where the products, by their nature, cannot be returned by normal post, the consumer bears the costs of returning the goods.

The consumer must return the products to the seller within 14 days of the application for withdrawal.

If you have withdrawn from the contract and sent back the ordered products, we will reimburse to you the amount paid for the products and delivery in ordinary scale (i.e. cost of SmartPOST) within 14 days of the receipt of withdrawal application.

The consumer bears the costs of delivery when returning the products. The seller will not reimburse the costs of returning delivery.

Please send the application for withdrawal at kyllike@kyllike.com .

Legal remedies for consumers

The consumer can relay upon non-compliance of the object of contract with the terms and conditions of the contract on the legal remedies provided by law: require performance of the obligation, withhold performance of an obligation which is due from the obligee, demand compensation for damage, withdraw from or cancel the contract, reduce the price in the case of a delay in the performance of a monetary obligation, demand payment of a penalty for late payment.


If you discover that the received goods are damaged, you never should use them and inform us by e-mail or in written form as soon as possible, but not later than within two months from the receipt of products.

If products have defects due to our fault, we repair, replace or reimburse the defective products in an amount that you have paid in our web-shop.

The seller is liable for any lack of conformity of a product which exists at the time when product is delivered to the consumer.

In the event of consumer sale, the seller is liable for any lack of conformity of a thing which becomes apparent within two years as of the date of delivery of the product to the consumer. In the event of consumer sale, it is presumed that any lack of conformity which becomes apparent within six months as of the date of delivery of a thing to the purchaser already existed before the delivery of the thing, unless such presumption is contrary to the nature of the thing or the deficiency.

Governing law

Use of this website and the legal notices contained on the website are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the law of Republic of Estonia. All raised disputes will be resolved under Estonian jurisdiction in Harju County Court, unless the law provides directly otherwise.


By using this website, you accept these terms and conditions of usage of data.

We collect personal data for the purpose of identifying and communicating with the clients and in order to offer more convenient use of the website.

Personal data collection may occur in the following ways: by providing the contact information, by using cookies or information specified in the user's account when using the web page, by making a purchase in the web-shop.

All the personal data posted by consumers while shopping at the web shop is considered confidential information.

We reserve the right to make changes to the terms of Privacy Policy.


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